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Mikhail Aslanovich Pogosyan can be considered as one of the influential men in Russia because of his position as general director of United Aircraft Corporation. He graduated with honors from the Moscow Aviation Institute’s aircraft manufacturer facility in 1979. He then started his professional career at the JSC `Sukhoy Design Bureau, as it is known today, where he continues to work until this day.

Pogosyan climbed up the corporate ladder through the combination of his smart mind, effective leadership, and personal charm. His first job was as designer engineer, which was followed by his posts as First Deputy Chief Designer from 1992 to 1998; as Chairman of the Directors Board of the Design Bureau from 1995 to 1999; and General Director of the Sukhoi Design Bureau since May 1999. By 31 January 2011, he became the general director of the prestigious United Aircraft Corporation.

Aside from these high positions, Pogosyan is also the author of several scientific papers as well as ii inventions and patents. He is a 1997 Laureate of the State RF Prize, a 1998 Laureate of the Russian Government Prize, and a member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, among others.