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Matthew Charles Mallunweg is an American entrepreneur based in San Francisco, California. The 29-year old has focused on online social media entrepreneurship as the founder of WordPress, the free and open source website/software that is currently being used by millions of users, both individuals and corporations, worldwide. Aside from being an established entrepreneur and web developer, he is also a musician.

It may be said that Matt Mallunweg’s interest in blogging began in June 2002 when he started using the b2/cafeblog blogging software. Few months after the development of the software has stopped, Matt announced on his blog that he was planning to fork the software and make it up to date with the emerging web standards and trends, as well as his own needs. Mike Little contacted him and together they started to develop WordPress out of the b2 codebase.

Matt went to the University of Houston where he majored in the course Political Science. However, he dropped his studies in 2004 and chose to work for CNET Networks. He quit his job in the company in late 2005 and established Automattic, a web development corporation. Among its most notable projects is what is now known all over the world as, the free blogging service. They are also known for WordPress, the open source blogging software.

The other projects in which Automattic is given credit for is the Gravatar that provides globally recognized online avatars and Akismet, the anti-spam system that is capable of integrating with a number of forums and blogging platforms.

Since 2005, Mallunweg has become a frequent speaker in various conferences and events such as Canada’s Northern Voice, Greek Blogger Camp, Web 2.0 Submit, and global WordCamp events.

Today, Matt is considered as one of the richest young entrepreneurs in the world. In December 2012, he was listed in Forbes’ 30 Under 30 in Media list.