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Ludacris, born as Christopher Brian Bridges, is an American rapper, actor and entrepreneur. He has won an MTV, Critic’s Choice, Screen Actors Guild and three Grammy Awards, and was one of the first and most powerful Dirty South artists to have attained mainstream success.

When Ludacris is not in his studio recording songs or in the streets wreaking some good havoc, he can be found managing his many enterprises. It may come as a surprise to many, but Ludacris actually studied business in George State University and wound up building several ventures of his own. He currently owns Disturbing the Streets, a recording label which has enjoyed tremendous success over the years. He has also teamed up with the famous restaurauteur Chris Yeo and opened many high-end restaurants all over Atlanta, and is the co-owner of Soul Electronics. His most current ventures comprise of Conjure Cognac, a partnership with TAG body spray and several real estate holdings.