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Loyal Pennings is the life of the party. The man behind some of Los Angeles’s hottest nightclubs, Pennings has become a fixture in the local scene. He has been partying with almost every A-list celebrity in Hollywood over the past two decades. He was there when Leonardo DiCaprio celebrated his rise to stardom as the great Titanic sunk again on the big screen. He was also witness to Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears’s love affair as it went public. Indeed, Pennings’s establishments are venues for almost every major Hollywood revelry. But behind the glitz and glamour, there is an entrepreneur at work.

Pennings’s involvement in the nightlife business began as a semester project, when a professor asked the then-young entrepreneur and industrialist to write about something he knew well. He chose to develop a plan for a mock restaurant night club, and later on decided to pursue this plan. He purchased a twelve thousand square foot space, borrowed some money from friends and relatives and put up his very first club, Loco Ranchero, when he was twenty years old.

Since then, Pennings has opened a series of hotspots that attracted the most popular figures in Hollywood. He admits that he’s had more fun throwing parties than partying himself, which is why his establishments remain afloat.

Pennings is well aware that any of his establishments can be it today and gone tomorrow. Throughout the years, the entrepreneur has reinvented strategies to keep his businesses in line. Instead of rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous, Pennings mostly stays behind the scenes, observing and creating the winning formula for the right decor, music, and A-list clientele.

At the top of his game, Pennings sure does seem to have figured out the right kind of party mix.