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Barely five years ago, Rahul Bhatia decided to revolutionize his family-run business, InterGlobe Enterprises. He never forgot his roots; being in the travel business for as long as he could remember, he decided to take on the same path, this time with a different vehicle. Bhatia’s IndiGo Airlines first took off as a humble budget airline that people hardly noticed. Today, however, it has emerged as one of the biggest challengers in India’s aviation industry.

Despite the success of IndiGo, the person behind it continues to be extremely low-profile. Bhatia is best known to be a mix of the old and new; he is not an accidental entrepreneur, but his leadership did set a new record in the world of aviation.

Bhatia is an old timer, with 20 years of experience in the field of transportation, subsidiary hotels and travel agencies. He is also an innovative entrepreneur who understood the market and his country. With his partner Rakesh Gangwal, Bhatia introduced the concept of “cheap seats” to the Indian market – a low cost service that does not fall short on quality.

With this campaign, Bhatia business flew up, up and away. He was able to tap a new market of travellers. His competitors have doubted the effectiveness of this campaign, arguing that profit is not possible with extremely cheap airfare deals. Not a man of too many words, Bhatia proved them wrong with another order for 100 aircrafts worth $15 billion at the Paris Air Show.

For his partners and colleagues, Bhatia’s extreme professionalism and concrete plan are the secrets behind his success. He allowed the business to grow on its own, with marginal spending on advertising and marketing.  Instead, he relied on word of mouth to build a strong client base, something that makes him different from high-profile competitors.

Indeed, the future of the Indian airline industry looks promising under the leadership of the reticent Rahul Bhatia.