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Seasoned businesswoman Lin Merage has served since January 2004 as the Chief Executive Officer and Business Manager of Solne Collections. Based in Denver, Colorado, Solne offers a wide range of eco-friendly products that work in harmony with the planet to heal it. As the leader of Solne, Ms. Merage spearheads the organization’s movement to transform culture and the world.

Lin Merage takes her role as a leader at Solne very seriously, and she has organized a wide array of initiatives to help the company achieve its missions, both ecological and business-related. Ms. Merage belongs to a number of professional organizations, including the Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce, the U.S. Green Building Council, Green America, Sustainable Industries, and the Organic Trade Association.

Lin Merage has participated in a variety of conferences and other gatherings related to business, including the Pacific Coast Builders Conference and West Coast Green, as well as summits promoting new ideas and green concepts sponsored by the AlwaysOn Network, LLC. Active in a broad range of arenas, she participates around her community and has joined the South Metro Denver Chamber of Commerce. She also supports the interests of young people, including education, literacy, and elimination of hunger. Ms. Merage runs a small foundation to support her various charitable concerns.

A resident of Denver, Lin Merage splits her time between her work as Solne’s CEO and her numerous hobbies and interests, including hiking, gardening, boating, and supporting the arts through organizations such as the Denver Art Museum.