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While most 18-year-old kids today are busily enjoying their “senior week” while looking forward to college, Diane Keng is on her third business and signing $100,000 investment deals. The co-founder of MyWeboo, Keng is one indicator of the pull of Silicon Valley’s entrepreneurial culture.

MyWEBoo is a service that helps teenagers, like Keng herself, manage their online aliases. Most of these youngsters have more than one social networking account, making the task of updating status messages or sharing photos and videos over multiple sites quite frustrating. With MyWEBoo, Keng provides a solution to this problem by allowing users to make simultaneous changes in several profiles.

Keng just graduated from Cupertino’s Monta Vista High School, where she took Advanced Placement economics and government, and attended varsity badminton practice while setting up her string of businesses. Her first venture was a T-shirt printing business catering to clubs at her school, which she admitted did not produce much profits. After a couple of months, she quit and decided to launch another one. This time, Keng and several friends created a market research firm to help companies figure out how to market to teenagers. When SATs, ACTs and finals came in the way, their business fell apart. MyWEBoo is the product of her collaboration with her older brother.

How she found time to do all of this is a wonder to many, but Keng had several advantages in pursuing her entrepreneurial ambitions. For one, her father is a venture capitalist who gave her $100,000 in seed money. Her school also encourages entrepreneurship; in fact, at least 10 of her classmates also started businesses before graduation.

We’ve only seen the beginning of Keng’s long and lucrative career. This teenage entrepreneur has accomplished so many things that it’s difficult not to expect more from her in the coming years.