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In a competitive industry such as technology, a young company has to defeat several giants before breaking into the consumer market. Apple, IBM and Dell have long reigned supreme over all tech manufacturers; no other company has come close. Likewise, only few businessmen dared to achieve the impossible. One of them is Liu Chuanzhi, Chairman of Legend Holdings and founder of Lenovo Group—which is today one of the world’s largest PC manufacturers.

As one of China’s most powerful people, Chuanzhi is the first Chinese to become a member of the Fortune Global 500. He made Lenovo as his home country’s top computer firm, but later on decided to step down to assume the role of honorary chairman. How he was able to get struggling company get back on its feet in just a few years has astounded the international market.

Chuanzi now seeks bigger goals for his enterprise. At 67, he shows no signs of slowing down soon.