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In his role as Vice President of Outsourcing Services at Cameo Corporate Services Limited, Ashok Bagdy oversees the company’s Healthcare Outsourcing Division. He works closely with clients to resolve and follow up on issues and develops new business for Cameo, among his other responsibilities. Ashok Bagdy sat down with us to share the qualities he believes can propel anyone to success in entrepreneurial or other business ventures.

First and foremost, Ashok Bagdy recommends that individuals pursue work they enjoy. A technology and business expert, Mr. Bagdy enjoys the challenge of increasing efficiency. His interest in technological solutions to ongoing business problems led him to introduce speech recognition products at Cameo Corporate Services Limited and cut production costs by implementing new processes. Ashok Bagdy’s strong belief in the superiority of these solutions assisted him in communicating their advantages to his clients and other Cameo executives.

Planning is equally pivotal to corporate and individual success. Before executing any initiative, Ashok Bagdy thoroughly researches the existing situation, hypothesizes the likely positive and negative outcomes of each potential course of action, and considers what hurdles may occur en route. For a company of any size, failure to plan can seriously affect financial stability and potentially threaten the business’s continued existence.

Similarly, Mr. Bagdy encourages readers to remember their first priority: the customer. Without customers, no comprehensive plan or bold initiative will bring greater renown, stability, or success to any company. To attract customers, Ashok Bagdy focuses on projecting a professional image that will please current clients while attracting new ones. Creating a favorable impression carries greater potential to generate lasting business than any other technique.