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During the economic recession, a man named Brent Peterson lost his job, along with forty thousand other Circuit City employees when the company went bankrupt. Focused on finding a new job, he spent a couple of months of intense preparation to secure a new job — and he succeeded.

In his new job, he was able to interview other candidates for job openings, and soon learned why great people weren’t getting hired. From that experience, Peterson sought to create something innovative to help people ace their job interviews and ultimately land their dream job. Thus, Interview Angel was born.

The idea for Interview Angel began in mid-2008. For the past three years, the company has helped over 100,000 prepare for their job interviews through the “padfolio,” composed of interview preparation worksheets, checklists, and templates useful during the application process. The company prides itself for creating something that all people with different professional experiences. Even those who have become a bit rusty will find this binder a useful partner when hunting for a new job.

As one of the seven small, innovative companies for 2010, Interview Angel has been contacted by local governments, universities, non-profit agencies, and corporations to empower students and current employees improve their chances of securing a career amidst economic crisis or severe competition. Private individuals can also avail the company’s product if they wish to make it on their own.

Offering a portable guide to being hired, Interview Angel is a socially relevant company which makes a significant difference in the lives of others through its product. The company has helped thousands of people change the course of career since 2008 and continues to do so until today. In this regard, Interview Angel is surely one of the most innovative businesses in the industry.