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The world of boxing would not have been the same without Oscar De La Hoya. The Golden Boy won his first gold medal in boxing at the Barcelona Olympic Games when he was fresh out of high school. He has lived up to his moniker ever since, winning boxing titles and medals left and right. During his prime, he was known as the best pound for pound professional boxer in the whole world.

De La Hoya knew that someday, his boxing career would have to end – just like how the careers of other legends on the ring have ended. But when he announced his retirement in 1999, he did not completely say goodbye to sports. De La Hoya decided to keep an influential role in and outside the ring by establishing Golden Boy Promotions, a promotional firm for combat sports.

From being a boxer, De La Hoya was able to turn himself into a successful entrepreneur. This time, he used his brains, not brawns, to make a huge blow in the boxing arena. With Golden Boy Promotions, De La Hoya was able to help struggling, young boxers improve their ranks by giving them opportunities through exposure. Some top boxers also have him to thank for. In addition to Golden Boy Promotions, De La Hoya also has his own line of clothing.

These ventures, according to his fans, make De La Hoya the best pound for pound businessman. But business is not his only passion. He is also fighting for a win in some of L.A.’s poorest neighborhoods through Golden Boy Partners. De La Hoya is committed to provide more opportunities to poverty-stricken Mexican-Americans like him.

The former world champion has proven himself both in and outside the boxing arena. May it be in business or philanthropy, De La Hoya has shown to us that passion leads to success.