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Some women might not easily recover from the unenviable situation of being released from a top executive post at one of the largest banks in the world. But the former president of Bank Of America’s (BofA) Wealth Management division cannot be routinely dismissed under the label of “some women.”

Until her firing from BofA last month (resulting from an internal power-clique reorganization of her operations’s executive structure), Sallie Krawcheck was largely acknowledged as the most formidable female executive presence on all of Wall Street. In so many words, it’s been speculated that Krawcheck never fully penetrated the “old-boys” executive network at BofA.

Despite her sudden departure from her lofty position at that bank, however, American Banker magazine still ranked Krawcheck among the top twenty honorees at its annual Most Powerful Women In Banking awards ceremony held in New York earlier this month. She can add that distinction to the other awards that have been bestowed upon her in recent years by Fortune magazine, U.S. Banker, Forbes, CNBC, and Time magazine, among others.

Krawcheck is notable for her accomplishments outside of the financial industry, as well. Bucking the stereotypes of a typical aspiring executive-cum-parent, Krawcheck wears  her status as a working mother that managed to make it in the cutthroat industry like a badge.

Never one to back away from a heady challenge, Sallie Krawcheck is certainly likely to land on her feet in a new capacity with another major player in the banking sector at some point in the near future. It only remains to be seen when and where.