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Assar Thorvald Nathanael Gabrielsson (13 August 1891 – 28 May 1962) is one of the most influential persons in the international automotive industry. He is, after all, a co-founder of Volvo, the internationally-known automobile manufacturer, which contributed to his reputation as a powerful industrialist.

Born in 13 August 1891 in Sweden, Gabrielsson completed his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at the Stockholm School of Economics 1911. He was first employed as a stenographer in the Swedish Parliament (1912-1926) before becoming an employee at SKF in Göteborg in its sales department (1916-1920). He moved up the ranks to become the managing director of SKF’s subsidiary in Paris (1921-1922) and then sales manager (1922-1926) for the group.

While he was still SKF’s sales manager, he worked on a private project involving the manufacture of a prototype car. He took a risk considering that SKF initially did not support his idea, not to mention that he did not have investors. He pressed on and he was eventually rewarded – in August 1926, SKF finally agreed to the creation of AB Volvo as its subsidiary.

On 1 January 1927, Gabrielsson was appointed managing director and president of Volvo AB.