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Monthly Archives: September 2013

John Brock, Chairman and CEO of one of the largest beverage producers in the world, Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE), is also one of the highest paid CEOs in the United States. According to Forbes Magazine, John takes the 52nd spot on the list with an annual compensation of $21 million. As the CEO of CCE, Brock has made it his mission to continue the legacy of the company and push it towards even more global growth.

CCE’s operations span the globe, with operations in almost every imaginable country in every continent. As a part of Brock’s mission, he ensured that all of the company’s global locations would strive for a common goal by establishing a global operations framework, the first ever in the company.

Not only has Brock been able to make CCE a more tightly knit company, he has also made it a priority to ensure the company’s sustainability. In 2012, the Ethical Corporations 2012 Responsible Business Awards named him the Business Leader of the Year for his work on the company’s sustainability initiatives.


Born on April 22, 1960, Randall L. Stephenson was destined to become the leader of the largest telecommunications provider in the world.  He has been in the telecommunications industry for his whole career, starting in 1982 when he joined Southwestern Bell Telephone. Today, he is the Chairman and CEO of AT&T Inc., and according to Forbes Magazine, one of the top 50 highest paid CEOs in the country.

From the 1980s through the 90s, Stephenson held various top finance leadership positions in SBC. The company had a huge debt of $34 million in 2001 when he was promoted to the CFO position. He immediately began working on reducing the company’s debt and was able to reduce it to almost nothing after only three years.

In 2004, Stephenson was named the Chief Operating Officer of the company. When SBC acquired AT&T the following year, he remained in the same position and took charge of all the wired and wireless operations of AT&T.

In April 2007, Stephenson finally reached the top position in the company to continue the legacy of AT&T.  Without a doubt, the company has had many successes through the years, but this is not to say that they did not have some defeats in the process. In 2011, AT&T made a bid to acquire T-Mobile but had to withdraw its bid shortly after.

While Randall Stephenson may be one of the highest paid CEOs in the country, he is not all business. In fact, he still has time to do quite a lot of charity work. He is responsible for establishing AT&T’s largest philanthropic program – AT&T Aspire. Aspire I dedicated a total of $100 million to support educational initiatives. Its successor, Aspire II, is even larger as it has committed $250 million in support of the same initiatives for a period of five years.

Voted by Forbes Magazine as one of America’s top CEOs, Bill McDermott is at the reigns of the world’s leading business systems provider, SAP AG. Prior to being named the CEO of the company, McDermott held the position of Co-CEO from 2010 together with Jim Hagemann Snabe.

The duo was awarded the #2 spot in’s list of highest rated CEOs. Glassdoor is a site where the employees of different companies can rate the performance of their top leaders and the quality of their experience working for the company.

Bill McDermott joined SAP in 2002 and served various roles until 2010 when he joined Snabe as Co-CEO of the company. After three years, McDermott became the CEO of SAP AG, overseeing the company’s global operations.

Before joining SAP AG, McDermott held several high level positions in top corporations such as Xerox, Seibel, and Gartner. Today, McDermott is a member of the board of directors of ANSYS Inc., and PAETEC Holding Company.

One of the most influential people in corporate America, and even the whole world, is Dominic Barton, the commander-in-chief of the world’s most trusted management consultancy firm, McKinsey & Company. The firm is the top choice of the majority of the world’s top corporations and even governments. It has established a reputation of being able to provide solutions to complex problems that prevents corporations and governments from developing.

Barton may be on top of one of the world’s most influential companies, but the road he took wasn’t easy. In fact, there was a point in his career where he came close to being fired from the company. However, due to his diligence and painstaking sacrifices, Barton overcame the challenges and clawed his way to the top.

Some of Barton’s major successes in his career were blessings in disguise. He was assigned to lead the company’s operations in Korea. All of his friends and mentors advised him not to accept the assignment as it would be detrimental to his career.

During those times, Korea was in a state of chaos. All of the banks they had were bankrupt and the country’s economy was going down the drain. Barton immediately went to work in rebuilding the country’s banking system. He was so successful in this that he became close friends with Korea’s President.

After his success in Korea, Barton was then assigned to head operations in Shanghai, China. One of his successes here was to correctly identify the problem as to why the country had difficulty developing. China was also a big boost to Barton’s career and when the time came, his achievements there served as the reason for him to be chosen for the top position in the company.

Over the years, McKinsey & Company has gone through some tough times. But under the leadership of Dominic Barton, the company has weathered the storms and continued to be one of the top management consultancy firms in the world.

Almost a decade before the world started flocking to social networking sites, Reid Garrett Hoffman was already in the forefront of the development. Hoffman is the founder of, one of the world’s first social networking sites. He is also one of the co-founders of the popular business-related social networking sites LinkedIn.

Hoffman’s passion for social networking far exceeds that of just establishing these sites. He is also deeply involved in investing in startup companies in this field. Not many people know that Reid Hoffman was largely responsible in starting up the world’s most famous social networking site Facebook. Hoffman arranged for Peter Thiel to meet with Mark Zuckerberg that resulted in Thiel investing half a million dollars in the startup. Hoffman is also one of the initial investors of Facebook.

Reid Hoffman is known as one of the most popular investors in Silicone Valley. Many of the tech startup companies he invested in became successful. His passion in making social networking sites prosper is born out of his dedication to making a positive lasting impact in the world.

When it comes to business, males are certainly not the dominant species as proven by Kelsey Ramsden, the 2013 Top Female Entrepreneur in Canada as voted by Profit Magazine.  This is only one of her achievements, as she placed 12th in the same magazines’ list of Top Female Managers in 2011. In 2010, she was among the Top 25 Female Entrepreneurs under the age of 35, according to Canadian Business Magazine.  Kelsey has certainly made a name for herself in the business field. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that business was deeply implanted in her genes.

Born in 1976 to Bruce and Esther Kitsch, Kelsey didn’t fall far from the tree, as both of her parents were entrepreneurs.  Her father owns several businesses and her mother is a successful entrepreneur as well.

Kelsey strongly believes that working hard is the key to success in the industry. She started working at the young age of 14 in her father’s construction firm guiding vehicles around an Alaskan highway they were working on. She remembers that it was difficult to be the child of the owner of the company and she had to work hard to be accepted as a member of the team. Her work ethics paved the way to her success as she founded several businesses in the coming years.

After becoming President of Belvedere Place Development in 2005, she started her own company, Tallus Ridge Development in the same year. In 2012, she started a children’s subscription company called SparkPlay. In 2013, she took interest in helping other entrepreneurs with their business strategies and she founded, a business consultancy firm.

Not only has Kelsey Ramsden found success in the field of business, she has also found tremendous success in her personal life as she was able to survive a rare form of cervical cancer.

At the age of 93, Anne Cox Chambers is still displaying her entrepreneurial skills as one of the chairman of the board of Cox Enterprises. Considered as the 20th richest person in the United States, her wealth is coming from her stakes from her privately owned company.

She is the surviving daughter of James M. Cox, the founder of the company she now manages. Her father was a newspaper publisher and was once a Democratic Presidential nominee way back 1920. Their media empire started with her dad’s purchase of the Dayton Evening News for $26,000. Today, their business includes newspapers, radio, television, cable and other businesses. Anne co-owned the company for 33 years with her sister Barbara Cox Anthony who passed away last 2007.

Other than sitting on her $12.4 billion net worth, she is busy with several educational and cultural related charity works. She is part of the board of Woodruff Arts Center, the Atlanta Historical Society, Atlanta Botanical Garden, Metropolitan Museum of Arts, Whitney Museum in New York and the Pasteur Foundation.

With an entrepreneurial background extending more than three decades, Kevin Craffey heads Plymouth, Massachusetts, based Craffey & Co., Builders Inc., and K & J Interiors, Inc. Beginning his career in 1976 with Cape Cod Lathing and Plastering, Inc., Mr. Craffey worked his way up from an apprentice to foreman position. He subsequently spent seven years with Quinn Construction in Brockton as superintendent and carpenter steward. He earned a carpentry journeyman certificate and also completed a business administration degree at Massasoit Community College in Brockton.

Mr. Craffey established his first company K & J Interiors in 1988 as one that offered diverse retail, commercial, and institutional clients throughout New England with quality finish carpentry, framing, and drywall services. Within five years, his team achieved a milestone of $80 million total business generated. This consistent revenue stream provided Mr. Craffey the means to launch a national general contracting firm. Guiding Craffey & Co., Builders, since the mid-1990s, Kevin Craffey has undertaken projects in more than 45 states. His focus is on big box and retail store locations, as well as renovations and additions within shopping malls. His firm has employed as many as 150 workers at a time on high-profile projects.

Mr. Craffey’s businesses also include KJ Realty Trust Corporation and Court Street Trust Corporation, which are focused on local projects throughout Massachusetts. Mr. Craffey also has experience as the former leader of a major Whitefield, New Hampshire, hotel restoration project that spanned six years. As owner and president of Mountain View Development, he oversaw the full rehabilitation of a 200-bed grand hotel that brought it back from decades-long closure to a four star, four-diamond AAA rating.