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Monthly Archives: July 2013

Born Marie Denise DeBartolo York in 1950 in Youngstown, Ohio, she is the current co-chair of the San Francisco 49ers while her son Jed is the current CEO and president of the team. She is the daughter of Edward J. DeBartolo Sr., the late construction magnate and Marie Patricia Montani DeBartolo.

Denise joined the family business, the DeBartolo Corporation, as its executive vice president after graduating from Saint Mary’s College of Indiana. She grew up in a family famous for their real estate development business. It was during the death of their  father that she became co-chairman and during that time, all their 78 DeBartolo malls were sold.

It was in 1978 that she started managing a team, the Pittsburgh Penguins, after Edward DeBartolo purchased this National Hockey League team. She was established as the owner and the president and was then named the third woman to serve as president of a winning team in the Stanley Cup. In the year 1987 after the collapse of the real estate business, she made the decision to sell her team to focus on assisting the DeBartolo Corporation.

Before her son Jed took control of the 49ers, Denise and her husband John York, a retired pathologist, gained control over the team from his brother Edward J. DeBartolo Jr. They gained control not just over the team but all other sporting assets.  This happened in 2000 when her brother pled guilty to a federal charge. The offense was in relation to the case of Edwin Edwards, then governor of Louisiana.

In 2013, she saw her team go against the Baltimore Ravens in the Super Bowl 2013. They however lost the cup to the latter. The San Francisco 49ers was founded in 1946. The group joined the NFL in 1949 after merging with All-America Football Conference (AAFC).


More often than not, what a father’s business is will likely pass on to his son; barring that, the skills the father has mastered will likewise be learned by his heirs. Such was the case with Charles Allen, whose father, James Allen, was a tailor who ran a bespoke business in Islington, London. One of five Allen boys, Charles Allen decided to pursue the same craft, opening Charlie Allen Tailor and offering bespoke services and garments.

Charles Allen showed an aptitude for design early on while at school. A graduate of the Royal College of Art where he was Head of Menswear, Allen won the International Linen Designer of the Year award, among other distinctions and has since made a name for himself as a celebrated tailor. Making made to measure garments for all occasions, Allen has worked with and designed for some of the most recognizable names in the industry and offers perfectly-fitted garments for both men and women.

Every designer out there who has been mentioned at least once in a famous magazine or has a loyal following has had his or her own claim to fame: making the costume for this or having designed for that. But there are only a handful, especially among bespoke tailors, who can claim to have what Vogue magazine states, “dressed some of the world’s most famous people”. While normal for the larger fashion houses, this is an impressive feat for tailors like the celebrated Welsh designer Timothy Everest.

Timothy Everest, born in Haverforwest, Wales, first set up shop on Savile Row, known for its retail and bespoke trade. A young Everest learned the art of tailoring and became one of the leading figures in the revival of bespoke, adding a touch of the contemporary to traditional tailoring methods and a breath of fresh air to an area of well-established shops. Everest opened his own bespoke shop in 1989 in the East End of London and later an atelier at Spitalfields off Bond Street, and has worked with numerous other big-name fashion brands. Everest has designed costumes for some of the most popular films, such as “Mission Impossible”, “Atonement”, “Eyes Wide Shut” and the movie version of the Broadway musical “Mamma Mia!”

Everest has been credited with bringing the art of bespoke closer to the public and to the man on the street, as fashion trends in menswear saw a significant increase in tailored garments. Everest made his own brand named Timothy Everest for the style-conscious consumers. After having designed suits for Tom Cruise in the Mission Impossible franchises, the actor reportedly liked the suits so much that he kept those from the set and ordered more from Timothy Everest. Now recognized as one of the founding fathers of “bespoke casual” or a trend towards casual wear that is still tailored, Everest has had a long and revered client list, including David Beckham, Kevin Bacon, Naomi Campbell and more.

Football players are some of the highest-paid athletes in the world, with the sport having one of the most avid fan bases. Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the few football superstars who have made it to iconic status, not only for their skill in the game but also for their net worth as players and as product endorsers.

Cristiano Ronaldo, the forward for football team Real Madrid and captain of the Portuguese national team, has consistently topped the ranks of the decade’s highest-paid athletes and made history by becoming the most expensive football player ever after closing a deal to transfer from Manchester United to Real Madrid. Aside from his huge earnings in football, Ronaldo has signed deals to endorse popular brands such as Emporio Armani, Nike, Coca-Cola, Motorola, KFC, Herbalife and more. He has been named the third-highest grossing footballer after David Beckham and Lionel Messi, has published a book entitled “Moments,” has been featured in video games, television shows and magazine covers and continues to dominate as one of the most marketable faces in football.

He’s well known for many things and is a celebrated figure in the culinary industry, but perhaps what Matt Moran is most famous for has been his stint as one of Masterchef Australia’s esteemed judges. A top-rated reality show all over the world, Matt Moran has lent a memorable presence to the show, mentoring and critiquing contestants in the arena of food preparation and cooking. A world-famous chef himself and co-owner as well as head chef of Australia’s ARIA chain of high-end restaurants, Matt Moran has shown no signs of slowing down. Aside from Masterchef Australia, Moran has also been a guest on other cooking and reality television shows such as The Chopping Block, lending his expertise to would-be professionals.

Matthew Moran was raised in a dairy farm near Sydney. He left school and went off to become a chef at the age of 15, starting off at La Belle Helene Restaurant in Sydney. Moran picked up the trade of French cooking here, which would become his trademark. In 1991, Moran was able to enter a partnership with Peter Sullivan and open his first restaurant named The Paddington Inn Bistro, which turned out to be a success, garnering awards.

Moran’s love for food and cooking allowed him to rise to fame quickly, as his creations were literally eaten up by enthusiastic customers. He soon authored three books: “Matt Moran,” about dishes served at the ARIA restaurants, “When I Get Home” and “Dinner at Matts.” The ARIA chain of restaurants currently has venues in Sydney, Brisbane, Chiswick as well as catering for the Sydney Opera House. Regarded as one of Australia’s most celebrated chefs, Moran has made an international name for himself by reputation alone, and has long joined the ranks of the planet’s best and brightest culinary stars.

If you love pretzels, you would surely know the name Auntie Anne’s. The business which started way back 1988 was founded by Anne Beiler who received an honorary doctorate degree from both Elizabethtown College and from the Eastern University.

Hailed as the Entrepreneur of the Year by Inc. Magazine and one of America’s 500 Women Entrepreneurs by Working Women, Anne started the venture without any business experience. To top this feat, she also only had a ninth grade education and yet was able to put up 9 stores in the same year she launched her business.

Growing up as a baker and a bread maker in a family of eight, she worked at a food stand at a farmer’s market where she learned how to make pretzels the old-fashioned way. With that knowledge and her experience in customer service through her waitressing jobs, she decided to create her own business venture.

Now, her Auntie Anne’s Hand-Rolled Soft Pretzels is considered the world’s largest mall-based pretzel franchise. They have 250 franchises and more than 850 locations worldwide. In 2004 alone, her business was able to generate a total of sales of $250 million.

Her vision to inspire, serve and give has earned her a lot of success in her trade and she compensated this by giving back over $1 million to various charitable institutions she supports. The only form of advertising that she had back then was the reviews by her customers which prompted the opening of her franchises in 1989.

Having two children and being happily married to a family counselor, Anne also ventured into publishing her autobiography. In 2002, she released her story book styled autobiography Auntie Anne: My Story. This book also contained the illustrations by Frieman Stoltzfus. Six years after, her memoir Twist of Faith: The Story of Anne Beiler, Founder of Auntie Anne’s Pretzels was released by Thomas Nelson Inc.

Qualcomm is a name known all over the world for developing some of the most cutting edge mobile technology it has seen in this lifetime. One person who was instrumental to its success was Dr. Paul E. Jacobs, the company’s current Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer.

Dr. Jacobs graduated from the University of California, Berkeley where he got his bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degrees in electrical engineering. After getting his PhD in 1989, he worked for a laboratory in Toulouse which was owned and operated by the French Government. A year later, he joined Qualcomm as an engineer. He steadily worked his way up to the top until he earned the CEO position in 2005. He was later on appointed Chairman of the Board of Directors in 2009.

Aside from the many achievements Dr. Jacobs has gotten throughout his career in Qualcomm, he has also been granted patents for more than 45 of his wireless technology inventions.

With the current internet landscape constantly changing, it’s hard even for large internet companies such as Yahoo! to stay on top. With companies like Google and Facebook leading the charge, Yahoo! has a lot of work to do if they want to turn things around.

In order to get back on track, Yahoo! named 38-year-old and mother of one, Marissa Mayer as President and CEO. Mayer got her B.S. in Symbolic Systems and M.S. in Computer Science degrees from Stanford University where she graduated with honors in 1997 and 1999 respectively. After graduation, she was hired as Google’s first female engineer – she was employee number 20. During her 13-year stay at Google, she held many key roles in the development and design of many of the popular search engine’s features. Before leaving Google, she held an executive position as Vice President for Local, Maps, and Location Services. Her achievements have earned her a spot in Fortune Magazine’s list of the 50 Most Powerful Women in Business for 5 years in a row, which began in 2008 where she became the youngest woman to ever make it to the list at the age of 33.

Mayer was appointed to the top spot at Yahoo! in July 2012 and since then; she has made many changes that has earned positive reviews. Under her watch, Yahoo! acquired the immensely popular blogging platform Tumblr and revamped Flickr, Yahoo’s photo-sharing service.  Some of the changes she made also earned her criticism, like revoking the work-from-home option for employees and requiring them to report to the office instead. The criticisms she got for this move stemmed from the fact that she had worked from home before giving birth to her son and implementing this change right after she returned to the office. She did, however, give employees a longer maternity and paternity leave, plus a cash bonus.