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Monthly Archives: April 2013

Cameron Johnson was 9 years old when he first exhibited his skills in design and got an idea to earn from it. In 1994, his first business was launched out of his very home in Virginia. He made invitations for the holiday party his parents have planned. After this, word about how talented he is spread like wildfire, and by the age of 11, he has already saved up several thousand dollars through selling greeting cards. Thus, the birth of Cheers and Tears.

However, the young businessman couldn’t contain his entrepreneurial spirit. After a year, at the age of 12, he offered his sister $100 for her Ty Beanie Babies, a very popular brand at the time. He sold the dolls on eBay and he quickly earned about 10 times his initial capital. He eventually saw the potential and went on contacting Ty directly, purchasing the dolls at wholesale. He continued selling these on eBay and through his company’s website as well. In no time, he has saved up $50,000 which he used to launch his next business, My EZ Mail.

My EZ Mail is a service that sends e-mails to particular accounts without revealing the personal information of the recipients. He hired a programmer to work on the program according to specifics. After two years, it has been generating more or less $3,000 a month because of advertisements.

Johnson did not stop there. With the help of other young entrepreneurs, he established an online advertising company named in 1997. They later on partnered with companies such as DoubleClick, L90, and in order to maximize their company’s potential and revenue. By the age of 15, he has been receiving checks amounting to $300,000 to $400,000 a month. When he was 19, he sold the software and company name. Even before he graduated high school, he was already worth more than a million dollars.

Today, he is now focused on giving talks and lectures on entrepreneurship and appearing on television shows.


CeeLo Green is undeniably one of the most successful names in the music industry, what with the man being a singer, songwriter, producer, actor, entrepreneur, and mentor. If he used a hyphenate, he’d definitely be dealing with a long, terrific one. However, it’s not simply his many talents that set Green apart. Rather, it’s in how he sees himself, proudly announcing that he’s a professional lady-killer. He clarifies it though, calling the music industry a ‘she’, much like you would call a ship. And if the game’s a lady, then you’ll understand how Green sees himself as pretty much someone with his eye on the prize.

CeeLo Green was born Thomas DeCarlo Callaway in Atlanta on May 30, 1974. His parents were ordained ministers so the way Green communicates can be attributed to their influence. To say he is full of hope is an understatement; he pretty screams about endless possibilities, wanting to become a beacon of light for anyone wishing to fulfill their dreams. If you ever come up to him for advice, he’d just tell you that there is no such thing as impossible. Instead, think of it as I’M possible.

CeeLo Green got into music when he teamed up to form Gnarls Barley with Danger Mouse. He later on signed with Primary Wave Music and then launched The Lady Killer, his third solo album. Green is creative like no other man is, according to the big wigs managing him, but he makes it work. It is this overflowing creativity that translates to everything Green does, making people believe that magic is indeed possible. He’s also frank and cocky and maybe getting around $20 million a year and five Grammys can do that to you. But CeeLo Green is an entertainer, no doubt, and he’s making very good business out of it.

There are entrepreneurs, businessmen and women of the world who have the gift of coming up with excellent ideas and the resources to turn those ideas into profit. Then there are social entrepreneurs, a whole new breed of men and women who not only do business in various niches and areas of interests, but do so in order to provide solutions to the world’s most pressing social and environmental issues.

Jordan Kassalow is one of the most well-known social entrepreneurs of this era. A trained optometrist and the son of an optometrist who catered to New York City’s wealthiest, Kassalow showed an early streak for business and a heart for developing countries. Kassalow, an avid mountain climber and traveler, discovered the need for vision services in Central America when he joined and served in eye camps, and saw the lack of medical care and attention. Good vision is necessary in order for individuals to function fully, and while eyeglasses are able to correct many vision problems, they are not easily accessible in many developing countries. Kassalow undertook a public health course and headed the Onchocerciasis Division of Hellen Keller International, reaching over 1 million people in 9 countries during his term and beginning an era of social aid.

Kassalow’s passion motivated him to put up VisionSpring, a social enterprise founded in 2001 that provides affordable eye care and eyewear to people in developing nations. VisionSpring officially launched in India in 2005, opening doors for employment opportunities and helping all those in need of eye screenings, eyeglasses and prescription glasses. VisionSpring has since become a pillar of optometry in India, and has given Vision Entrepreneurs much-needed income. Kassalow and his dedicated team have constantly been finding ways to keep reaching customers in rural areas and to come up with better, more efficient business models that will allow VisionSpring to help even more people.

The most famous player ever to be associated with golf may be Tiger Woods, but his contemporaries are not far behind when it comes to excelling in the game, and of course, in excelling at fame and fortune because of the game. Phil Mickelson, an American golfer, ranks as one of the world’s top ten wealthiest and most valuable athletes, having reached a 2nd overall in the modern history of golf.

Like many top professional athletes, Phil Mickelson didn’t stop at merely playing golf. His endorsements and earnings have made him the second-highest paid athlete in 2011, with revenues of more than 62 million dollars. Among Mickelson’s top sponsors have been Rolex, Barclay’s, Callaway Golf, Ford, Bearing Point, Titleist and the medical drug Enbrel for treating psoriatic arthritis. Phil Mickelson entered the World Golf Hall of Fame in 2011 and was inducted in 2012 for his championship wins and overall contribution to the game of golf.

From being a former concrete inspector, Chinese-Filipino businessman David Consunji has certainly made it big since. The 90-year-old tycoon first established D.M. Consunji, Incorporated in 1954, later renaming it to DMCI and now under DMCI Holdings, Inc., a publicly-listed holding company. Since his entrance into construction, Consunji has climbed the ladder to become a billionaire through his business interests in real estate, mining and electric power.

The former Secretary for the Department of Public Works and Highways during the reign of dictator Ferdinand Marcos, David Consunji is now listed on Forbes magazine as the 5th richest Filipino. Still heading DMCI, Consunji has served on numerous associations and organizations in relation to mining, construction, engineering and urban development. He was awarded Outstanding Citizen for Engineering in Manila, Philippines and was granted an honorary Doctor of Laws degree from the University of the Philippines, among many others. Consunji’s companies have been passed on to his son, Isidro Consunji, who is the present president of DMCI, Inc.

It’s not easy being in the health care profession. Hundreds of lives are on your shoulders each day, and you are always responsible for heavy life decisions. But when an entire health care system is your responsibility, it has to be a hundred times a heavier burden to bear. Dr. Delos Cosgrove, the Chairman, Board of Governors, CEO and President of the Cleveland Clinic Health System has a lot on his plate, presiding over five billion dollars’ worth in the Cleveland Clinic, 9 community hospitals, 15 health and surgery centers, the Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health in Las Vegas, the Cleveland Clinic Florida, the Cleveland Clinic Toronto and the Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi.

Dr. Delos Cosgrove graduated from the University Of Virginia School Of Medicine in Charlottesville, where he received his medical degree, and completed his medical training at the Massachusetts General Hospital, the Brook General Hospital in London and the Boston Children’s Hospital. Dr. Cosgrove’s medical resume includes having served as the Chief of US Air Force Casualty Staging Flight in Vietnam, where he was awarded. A cardiac surgeon specializing in thoracic and cardiovascular diseases, Dr. Cosgrove served as Chairman for this department, where he led the Cleveland Clinic’s heart program to the number one spot in the USA for ten years.

With almost 500 journal articles, a book, training and medical films to his credit, Dr. Cosgrove has been a much-anticipated and sought-after public speaker for various international forums, has been on the subject of a cover story for Time magazine as well as for Newsweek, The New York Times and the Washington Post. He has spoken at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Switzerland, has been awarded distinctions for his commitment to improving the health care system and has been listed as one of the most powerful figures in health care and one of the most powerful physician-executives in the world.