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An American professional golfer, Phil Mickelson has been on the green for more than twenty years, making a name for himself as one of the best professional golfers of the century. He has won four major championship awards, reached a world ranking of 2nd and was inducted in the World Golf Hall of fame last May 2012. His stellar career comprised of nearly 50 Professional Golfers Association (PGA) victories, a $ 66 million prize money and four championship titles.

Born in San Diego, California, Mickelson is right-handed but plays golf on his left, which he learned by observing and mirroring his right-handed father as he swings. Through his father’s instruction, Mickelson was able to hone his skills and creativity, and became a professional golfer in 1992. Since then, he went on to become one of the most famous and highly-paid athletes of the century. He earns over $30 million every year form his endorsement deals with Amgen/Pfizer, Barclay’s, Callaway, Exxon and KPMG. Mickelson also snagged a deal with the drug Enbrel after he was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis in 2010.

When he is not on the course playing professional golf, Phil Mickelson can be seen at a local outlet of Five Guys, brainstorming ideas for the future of the business. The big problem is, this burger joint only exists in a number of states like Virginia, its home state. West Coasters have been fighting an ongoing battle against East coasters over the enterprise for several years. But there is no denying the fact that Five Guys is slowly becoming a thing of the West thanks to Phil Mickelson, who invested heavily on the establishment, bought the Orange County rights and got huge plans of expansion in Southern California. With the wealthy golfer backing it up, Five Guys is definitely one franchise West coasters will be hearing about for a very long time.

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