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Monthly Archives: February 2013

Matthew Charles Mallunweg is an American entrepreneur based in San Francisco, California. The 29-year old has focused on online social media entrepreneurship as the founder of WordPress, the free and open source website/software that is currently being used by millions of users, both individuals and corporations, worldwide. Aside from being an established entrepreneur and web developer, he is also a musician.

It may be said that Matt Mallunweg’s interest in blogging began in June 2002 when he started using the b2/cafeblog blogging software. Few months after the development of the software has stopped, Matt announced on his blog that he was planning to fork the software and make it up to date with the emerging web standards and trends, as well as his own needs. Mike Little contacted him and together they started to develop WordPress out of the b2 codebase.

Matt went to the University of Houston where he majored in the course Political Science. However, he dropped his studies in 2004 and chose to work for CNET Networks. He quit his job in the company in late 2005 and established Automattic, a web development corporation. Among its most notable projects is what is now known all over the world as, the free blogging service. They are also known for WordPress, the open source blogging software.

The other projects in which Automattic is given credit for is the Gravatar that provides globally recognized online avatars and Akismet, the anti-spam system that is capable of integrating with a number of forums and blogging platforms.

Since 2005, Mallunweg has become a frequent speaker in various conferences and events such as Canada’s Northern Voice, Greek Blogger Camp, Web 2.0 Submit, and global WordCamp events.

Today, Matt is considered as one of the richest young entrepreneurs in the world. In December 2012, he was listed in Forbes’ 30 Under 30 in Media list.


Anyone who has not played, does not know, or even heard of the phenomenal game Angry Birds must be hiding under some really heavy rock. The popularity of this mobile game might not have been possible if not for the geniuses behind it, primarily Mikael Hed, the CEO of Rovio Mobile Entertainment Ltd.

As the CEO of Finnish entertainment company and video game developer Rovio, Mikael Hed has led the transformation of the company from being a game studio to a world renowned leader in mobile gaming. His commitment to making their brainchild Angry Birds reach greater heights has made him, and his team, more dedicated to creating different fun versions of the game.

Rovio is the product of the investment made by a business angel in 2005. From Relude, it changed its name to Rovio Mobile. They released Angry Birds in 2009 which, since its launch, has been already downloaded more than 1 billion times. In 2011, the company changed its name to Rovio Entertainment Ltd. after acquiring capital funding from Atomico, Accel Partners, and Felicis Ventures. They have continued to produce Angry Birds versions with the latest released on November of 2012, which was known as Angry Birds Star Wars.

Thomas Coleman du Pont was an American politician and engineer. He was more popularly known as Coleman, his middle name. He founded and became the first president of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company. As a member of the Republican Party, he represented Delaware on two terms in the US Senate.

Du Pont was born in Louisville, Kentucky on December 11, 1863. He attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he earned his degree in engineering. His first job was with the family’s business, the Central Coal and Iron Company. In 1894, du Pont pursued a career in the railways business and became the general manager of Johnson Street Rail Company in Johnstown, Pennsylvania.

Along with his cousins Alfred and Pierre, Coleman bought out the explosive business of the family and became the president from 1902 to 1915. During this period, du Pont was responsible for acquiring more than one hundred of the company’s competitors. Du Pont also played an important role in the formation of E.I. du Pont de Nemours Company, which eventually became the holding company. In 1914, du Pont sold his stakes in the company after he faced charges of antitrust violations in 1907.

Du Pont owned and co-owned a number of hotels. He had controlling interests in Wallick’s, Claridge Atlantic City, Hotel McAlpin, and a few other American hotels. With Lucius Boomer, Coleman co-owned New York City’s Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, Washington D.C.’s Willard Hotel and Philadelphia’s Stratford Hotel.

In 1915, Coleman dealt with J.P. Morgan to acquire the controlling interests of The Equitable Life Assurance Society. From there, Coleman built the Equitable Life Building, which became the largest in New York City at that time.

When du Pont retired from business in 1915, he became actively involved in the Republican political arena. He was a member of the Republican National Committee between 1908 and 1930. During his stint as part of the party’s leadership, he helped unite the Regular Republicans and the Union Republicans. The result was the modern Delaware Republican Party.

When US Senator Josiah Wolcott resigned in 1921 du Pont was appointed to take the vacant seat. He vied to finish the full term in a special election in 1922 but lost his bid. However, he was elected to the US Senate in 1924. He resigned in 1928 due to health problems.

Du Pont served two terms in the US Senate. He was with the Republican majority of the 67th, 69th and the 70th Congress. He served during the presidency of US Presidents Warren Harding and Calvin Coolidge.

Du Pont died of cancer of the larynx on November 11, 1930.

Ludacris, born as Christopher Brian Bridges, is an American rapper, actor and entrepreneur. He has won an MTV, Critic’s Choice, Screen Actors Guild and three Grammy Awards, and was one of the first and most powerful Dirty South artists to have attained mainstream success.

When Ludacris is not in his studio recording songs or in the streets wreaking some good havoc, he can be found managing his many enterprises. It may come as a surprise to many, but Ludacris actually studied business in George State University and wound up building several ventures of his own. He currently owns Disturbing the Streets, a recording label which has enjoyed tremendous success over the years. He has also teamed up with the famous restaurauteur Chris Yeo and opened many high-end restaurants all over Atlanta, and is the co-owner of Soul Electronics. His most current ventures comprise of Conjure Cognac, a partnership with TAG body spray and several real estate holdings.

An American professional golfer, Phil Mickelson has been on the green for more than twenty years, making a name for himself as one of the best professional golfers of the century. He has won four major championship awards, reached a world ranking of 2nd and was inducted in the World Golf Hall of fame last May 2012. His stellar career comprised of nearly 50 Professional Golfers Association (PGA) victories, a $ 66 million prize money and four championship titles.

Born in San Diego, California, Mickelson is right-handed but plays golf on his left, which he learned by observing and mirroring his right-handed father as he swings. Through his father’s instruction, Mickelson was able to hone his skills and creativity, and became a professional golfer in 1992. Since then, he went on to become one of the most famous and highly-paid athletes of the century. He earns over $30 million every year form his endorsement deals with Amgen/Pfizer, Barclay’s, Callaway, Exxon and KPMG. Mickelson also snagged a deal with the drug Enbrel after he was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis in 2010.

When he is not on the course playing professional golf, Phil Mickelson can be seen at a local outlet of Five Guys, brainstorming ideas for the future of the business. The big problem is, this burger joint only exists in a number of states like Virginia, its home state. West Coasters have been fighting an ongoing battle against East coasters over the enterprise for several years. But there is no denying the fact that Five Guys is slowly becoming a thing of the West thanks to Phil Mickelson, who invested heavily on the establishment, bought the Orange County rights and got huge plans of expansion in Southern California. With the wealthy golfer backing it up, Five Guys is definitely one franchise West coasters will be hearing about for a very long time.

A respected Riyadh boutique owner and fashion presence, Princess Deena Abdulaziz has led the exclusive D’NA retail store since 2006. D’NA represents a very personal take on travel, fashion, and style, with the store evolving in tandem with Princess Abdulaziz’ growing network of connections in the fashion world. she places no limitations on the clothing and design objects she carries in the store, preferring to maintains a creative relation with emerging design talents. Her commitment to fostering new talent includes a January, 2013, trunk show featuring the handbags of Bahraini designer Sofia Al Asfoor.

Princess Abdulaziz emphasizes quality craftsmanship in every piece she selects for her members-only boutique. Speaking with DIA Magazine in 2010, she notes that this presents a particular challenge in today’s rapidly evolving garment production industry. With creativity abundant, quality production is increasingly hard to come by. Textile mills are factories are closing in Italy and Switzerland, and even Manhattan’s garment district had been impacted. A great deal of Princess Abdulaziz’ time and effort goes towards sourcing pieces crafted with the highest quality materials and technical knowhow that her discerning customers expect.

Over the years, the scope of D’NA offerings have consistently expanded. In June, 2012, her company announced the launch of a limited-time bespoke service, with the master couturier Giambattista Valli opening the doors to his Paris atelier. D’NA members simply selected gowns that they wanted from his Fall 2012 line, and the pieces were delivered to their homes. To access details of D’NA’s latest events, trunk shows, and featured collections, visit

An American singer-songwriter, actor and businessman, Justin Randall Timberlake began his path towards fame, glory and wealth when he first appeared on Star Search as a contestant. He then went on to star in Disney Channel’s television show, The New Mickey Mouse Club, where he met JC Chasez, his future band mate. But it wasn’t until Timberlake became the lead singer of the famous boy band, N’Sync that he truly struck gold in the entertainment industry.

Timberlake’s career went sky-high from then on, and eventually became more than just a singer. He played various lead roles in blockbuster movies like the Social Network, Bad Teacher, In Time and Friends with Benefits, and dived into various entrepreneurial ventures such as Miso Media, an application development firm, and Stipple, a web-based photo labeling tool. He also launched Tennman Records, his very own record label, and co-founded a line of clothing and accessories, that are sold exclusively at Bloomingdales. Along with his former personal assistant, Timberlake also opened Southern Hospitality, a barbeque restaurant in New York City.

Jackie Chan is an actor, screenwriter, action choreographer, stunt performer, screenwriter, producer, director, singer, philanthropist and entrepreneur. He is well-known for his exemplary acrobatic fighting style, innovative stunts, use of improvised armaments, and perfect comic timing, and is one of a handful of actors who did all of their dangerous stunts on their own. Chan has been appearing in films since the early 1960s and has starred in more than 150 films to date. He is also a Mandopop and Cantopop star, having released more than a few albums and sung some of his theme songs for the movies in which he played lead.

The Hong Kong–born and raised actor has received numerous recognitions and awards including a star engraved on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and  Hong Kong Avenue of Stars. As an icon, he has been the subject of numerous cartoon shows, video games and pop songs. Surprisingly, Chan never finished proper education which wounded his reading and writing abilities. But this did not hinder him from being casted one role after another in blockbuster movies such as Rush Hour, The Karate Kid, Around the World in 89 Days, Kung Fu Panda and The Myth.

In parallel to his triumphs in the entertainment industry, Chan has also co-founded and launched several successful businesses. He owns JCE Movies, Ltd., a film and distribution firm and three more production companies, both in China and United States. All throughout China, Jackie Chan Theater International, Chan’s massive chain of movie theaters, stands tall and is dubbed to be one of the largest cinema theaters in the entire country. He also has his own line of apparel, signature gyms, and restaurants, and hopes to venture in furniture and supermarket industries in the near future. Each and every business he owns donates a huge percentage of its profits to the Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation.

At 59, there is no doubt that Chan has already come a very long way and accomplished several things both in the entertainment and business industry. He is truly a 21st century movie legend and a star with a keen entrepreneurial spirit.

Though he’s only 37 years old, Jordan Roth is considered to be one of the most influential people on Broadway today. He is the President and part-owner of Jujamcyn Theaters – a company that operates five theaters in Broadway.

Roth got his Philosophy and Theater degrees at Princeton University in 1997 and his MBA from the Columbia Business School. In 1999, Roth experimented with interactive theater through the staging of The Donkey Show at a New York City nightclub where the audience gathers around the dance floor to watch the show and continue partying afterwards. His hit show was followed by several other smash productions and was the youngest lead producer to ever score a nomination for his work in the restaging of The Rocky Horror Picture Show in2001. Aside from Best Musical Revival, the show also received 3 more Tony nominations, as well as nominations from other award-giving bodies.

Roth joined Jujamcyn theaters in 2005 and in a short span of time was able to work his way up to the top spot and now owns 50% of the company.